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He becomes a hero but catches the attention of several notorious crime figures.97 pages (Action) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Mad Dog Killers by David Stewart The true story of two prison pals, 1940s era spree killers, who embark on a rampage of robbery, revenge and murder, growing to revel in their life of crime, while police desperately race to stop them before they kill again.(Drama, True Crime) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Mad World by Matthew Nsubuga (majorgeneral316) A day in the life of Charles.Since the death of his wife he fights alcohol addiction and tries to patch up his relationship with his son.It all goes well until he meets the owner's daughter and from that moment Warren will never be the same 76 pages (Drama) doc format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board The Magic Fortune Cookie by Richard D Dubose A young woman writes supernatural fortunes for her father's restaurant and after one of his costumers wins the lottery she is kidnapped by the Chinese Mafia.87 pagescontest: Placed in top 100 on Amazon Studios Premise War via fan voting and received buyout offer from the Director of Flight Plan starring Jodie Foster.Also, the story describes the travells of the space ships through the universe, describing the area of Jupiter and other planets.

Now that he's a marked man, Kikill's drawn into the violent, gritty underworld of Manchester England and has to fight his way out of it. 86 pages (Sci Fi, Fantasy) rtf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Madison & Church by Steven Clark A boy takes a trip to the past to save his father, but soon realizes he can't change what happens next.16 pages (Short, Horror) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Mabon by Dale Murray In the small village of Shieldhill, a coven of teenage witches decide to get back at a bunch popular teenagers who make their school life a living hell by cursing a boy to kill 'All who have wronged' but it goes horrible wrong.

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Algumas décadas após o Descobrimento do Brasil, no entanto, passaram a ser visados a servirem como escravos, sendo capturados pelos bandeirantes para os usarem em suas próprias fazendas ou serem vendidos durante séculos; os que se revoltaram eram exterminados, Desde o início da colonização portuguesa, alguns colonos se embrenhavam nas matas em busca de metais preciosos, motivados por lendas sobre as possíveis riquezas do interior selvagem, mas raramente retornavam.… continue reading »

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Besides, they have an impeccable taste for clothes, accessories and make-up, making all men envy the lucky ones having a Russian or Ukrainian girls as wives.… continue reading »

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We'll miss being home to millions of wonderfully weird and original videos, creators, and fans.… continue reading »

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