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During this period, Commander Venus also release a four-way split seven-inch with Lux-O-Values, Norman Bailer and Weld.

Meanwhile, Oberst releases a split seven-inch with Squad Car 96 on H. It marks the first release for his latest project, Bright Eyes.

Matthew Sr.'s business background becomes a major asset for Conor later in his career when he makes his father his business manager. At age 10 he learns to play guitar, receiving lessons from Matthew Jr.

His two older brothers, Justin and Matthew Jr., introduce him to '80s indie and alternative bands like the Cure, R. and starts hanging around the local indie record shop, Antiquarium Records.

He makes his live debut playing the final song of a folk night at Kilgores performance space.

The event is organized by Ted Stevens of Lullaby for the Working Class.

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In January, Oberst releases " while Ted Stevens, Todd Fink and Matt Bowen all help out with drums. He also has to borrow money from his father to bail him out of "some shitty stuff." He sells his van to repay him. "I'd love to make a living playing music, but the easiest way to do that is to compromise what you're doing. All I want is to make enough money to live — which is having an apartment and a shitty car." In the fall, he attends the University of Nebraska.

with future members of Tilly and the Wall (Jamie Williams, Neely Jenkins whom Oberst also dates) and the Faint (Clark Baechle).

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