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If Use Ne XT wish to comment on this article they are more than welcome to post a comment below or use the contact form to get in touch directly.*Help us out by signing up via those links, we do get commission on them but unlike other sites we don't promote services we wouldn't use ourselves. Post a comment below - it's free (unlike a Use Ne XT free trial account). My main questions are, what do you use Usenet for, how much do you download, and how easy does it need to be for you?But I'm so not going to pay it, don't care what the bank says.I know, I know my own bloody fault for not researching but damn, I'm so irritated!!! It looks like they are going to charge me 95.20 Euros and I cancelled before the trial was over - reading all the other messages on here everyone seems to say they have had a bad experience but I havent seen anyone that has cancelled before the trial ended and still looks like being charged." The figures are very tiny and they remark * is also too tiny if you do not pay attention to all this specific things.Marcus: you are wright with your comment and I shall quote once again: "Yeah it really is lame how some people keep posting about the free trial scam, warning off the poor, sick, young and old so they can avoid the attentions of these ruthless predators! I am curious about tim what he has to say: the facts he told about me were not true.

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Sure you won't get the "free" client to download with but there much better usenet clients out there anyway.

Here, we showcase just a few of the unique ones: I just signed up for the 14 day free trial, with the site claiming they WOULD NOT charge my card UNTIL AFTER the 14 day trial period and of course there's a bloody charge for 82 euro the next day!!