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11-Sep-2017 18:12

But in an ominous sign for them, the new Congress is already shifting its emphasis.

Louise Slaughter, a congresswoman from New York and a former scientist, has introduced a bill that would fund “medically accurate” comprehensive sex education in schools.

This “act now and deal with the consequences later” mentality is unfortunately further promoted by products like Plan B. For years contraceptive advocates have bemoaned the ineffectiveness of abstinence campaigns.

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Some liberals have labelled it “ignorance-only” education and most favour a curriculum that includes discussion of both abstinence and contraception.It comes three weeks after the first ad from the Coalition for Marriage, which claimed parents will lose their rights to make decisions about their children should the ‘Yes’ campaign win.The latest ad, dubbed ‘The Gender Fairy’ after Jo Hirst’s novel, is backed by sombre music once again, this time with two women arguing schools should not offer ‘radical gender and sex programs’ to children.The young, successful looking women pop into their their local pharmacy, purchace a pill and then confidently leave, carrying their get out of jail free cards. In a recent article, The Huffington Post UK laments the findings of a study which revealed that one in four students contracts an STD their first year at university.

Fewer college students are using condoms to protect themselves against sexually transmitted illnesses and unplanned pregnancies, instead relying on treatments after such conditions have already manifested themselves.

Although this behaviour can also exist in a peers’ environment, this advice focuses on criminal activities conducted by adults. Disclaimer: Key content on this site has been drawn together from the UK NCA CEOP Commands education programme which specifically addresses the risk of online child sexual abuse and exploitation via their Thinkuknow website for children and young people.

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